Metal valve stems and new rear tires

The alignment on this car must be way out of whack. It chewed up a set of rear tires in less than 600 miles. Crazy.

Anyway, what better vehicle to haul tires and ramps then a FireTurd with no rear seats and a roll bar. Perfect. Let’s go.

Adam’s Service Center assisted in knocking the front tires off their beads so I could install my all metal valve stems (required for NHRA competition) in the front. For the rears I just dismounted the whole drag radial, installed my stems, and then slipped on the new drag radials. I rebalanced all four wheels and got them back on the car. I took the opportunity to go over the undercarriage and ensure everything was tight. I installed my NHRA mandated transmission blanket while I was under there. As much of a pain as it was to get the blanket slid into place and attached to the rear of the engine block, I believe it will definitely provide a good bit of safety should the transmission decide to the be the weakest link in the driveline. We shall see.

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